Backpack Diaper Bag Makes Life Easier

A new baby is the smallest member of the family. The average newborn baby weighs around seven pounds and is about 20 inches long. How can it be, that this tiny new addition to the family can need more things than the larger members of the family? Before baby came along, you could grab a jacket, a small purse and perhaps a book and be out the door. Now it seems that a trip to the grocery store requires the type of packing and preparation that used to be reserved for weekend getaways. There are diapers, wipes, extra sets of clothing, blankets, pacifiers, formula, and bottles even if you are nursing these may be needed in an emergency and even toys to consider. Older babies may need snacks and other items such as books to keep them busy while on the road.

Packing the diaper bag is one thing, but having to carry that diaper bag is quite another. Trying to find things in most traditional diaper bags while the baby is screaming their lungs out is enough to make even parents a bit on edge. Backpack diaper bag is a simple solution to this problem. The backpack style of diaper bag allows everything to have its own compartment. For example, you can store items in a side pocket which can be accessed quickly if you are in a hurry.

Objects such as bottles or sippy cups can be stored in another area of the bag, the pacifier can be quickly retrieved when it is on a clip on the side of the backpack diaper bag, and a security blanket can be folded and placed in the bottom of the bag. Diapers and wipes can be neatly tucked away in a middle section. Some backpack diaper bags are so versatile they have a cooler compartment for items such as breast milk or formula which need to stay cool for long periods of time.

In addition to helping keep things more organized, backpack diaper bags are much easier to carry than the traditional over one shoulder style of the diaper bag. Because they are also backpacks, the weight of the backpack and its contents is evenly distributed over both shoulders, making it more ergonomic than a regular diaper bag. One great feature is that it won’t come sliding down your arm when you bend over to pick up the baby. Another great advantage is that it leaves both hands free which makes caring for baby much, much easier and more convenient.

When you have a baby, you can’t get around having to carry a bag full of items that can weigh more than your baby does, but you can make carrying all the required gear a little easier with a backpack diaper bag. Life with a baby is challenging enough. Why struggle along with a clunky diaper bag on one arm when you can use backpack diaper bags and keep your hands-free too?


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